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multiple championship winning Stinger for Sale

multiple championship winning Stinger for Sale

Uploaded by : Dylan Thomas on December 14th, 2016
$19 680

Multiple NSW Club Championship winning car built in 2008 is up for Sale. This car has Numerous poles positions and race wins to its credit.

Stinger Chassis Number 010 was modified in 2010 was to run a Jacer rear rocker suspension to create zero roll as well as being upgraded to Penske shockes all round

Stinger 010 currently runs Micheal Kinsella's K.E Power engine package with current leak down still below 5% meaning the engine is not due for a freshen yet. Its still gets 68 H.P on the Dyno. Dyno Sheets can Be Provided.

Stinger 010 runs an AIm MXL Pista data logging dash with your standard sensors like speed Oil and RPM as well as additional sensors including brake pressure and TPS (Throttle Position) and Lambda. the MXL is a lap timmer too.

All data can be supplied with Laps in the 1:46's at SMSP and 1:07's at wakefield.

As we run multiple cars at each round so we can provide track assistance too.

Should someone from Vic want to purchase it i will be happy to meet at Winton for a track day and hand over.

With the shock package worth over $3k the MXL and sensors worth over $3k and the engine well over $10K you will efectivelly be getting the Chassis for free!

All sealing cards are provided and current.

Should you have any questions please feel free to give Dylan a call on 0431822997

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