Formula Vee Australia


Formula Vees and associated parts can be found here.

Note to new competitors: To be eligible for competition, your Formula Vee must be provided with its CAMS logbook, 3 Engine Seals, 2 gearbox seals, related seal cards and seal sheets.

2012 Borland Sabre 02 view
Front running Formula Vee FOR SALE
Price: $42,500.00
Borland Sabre 01 view
Price: $8500
Borland Sabre 02 view
Built July 2015
Price: $42,000 with Motec SDL Dash
Sabre 01 1600 Formula Vee view
Great car to start your racing adventure
Price: $15,000
Formula VEE 1600 - GRD view
Top 10 National Formula Vee
Price: 22,000 ono
New Seat (QLD) view
Never fitted fibreglass seat
Price: $220
Hans Device and Helmut view
Helmut near new - used at 2 meetings
Price: $950
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