Formula Vee Australia

Do I need a special racing license, and how much does it cost?

Yes, you need a minimum of a CAMS Provisional Clubman Circuit (PCC) license to race a Formula Vee in circuit races in all states. To obtain the CAMS PCC license, you need to go to a CAMS lecture to learn basic safety rules such as flags, have a medical exam by a nominated CAMS doctor, attend a one day driving observation day in your race car or similar, then pay CAMS fee. Contact your state CAMS office for more information and lecture bookings or visit the CAMS website At this time, a CAMS PCC license is $263 per year. The medical exam will typically cost about $150 depending on which doctor and practice you attend, and the driving observation day will cost around $200 depending on which nominated drive school or CAMS day you attend.

A PCC licence will allow you to race at any state event.

A CAMS National Circuit (NC) licence will allow competitors to race on circuits/events which require a 'National Licence'. From time to time, Formula Vee is invited to participate at these circuits/events, and require a CAMS NC licence. For example, a round of a the V8 Super Cars or Bathurst. A CAMS NC license costs $428 per year.

CAMS licences can be upgraded during the year, so if you start with a PCC you can upgrade to a NC at any time. Allow a good 6 weeks for this processes.