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At the Formula Vee Association of Australia’s Board of Management meeting on Wednesday the 7th of September 2016, amongst other business, the question of the control tyre for the category going forward was finalised.

In finalising this item, the B.O.M. considered:

·         the results from the tire testing which culminated at Winton on the 26th of August 2016, including drivers comments, and

·         the commercial offer of each tenderer, and

·         the Feedback each  B.O.M. member received from their State members as to what was important for them in determining which tyre they wanted going forward.

In the first instance a vote to continue with the current control tyre was not carried as the required majority was not reached.

Thereafter, each of the alternative tyres was considered and a vote for each was undertaken.

The result was that the B.O.M. voted by an eighty three percent majority to use the Yokohama AD08R as the control tyre from the start of 2017 for all 1600 cars with 1200 cars having the option to continue to use the Hoosier tyre in 2017. The price for a set of Yokohama tyres in 2017 will be $750 including track support. 

There are other benefits for Formula Vee members which are being finalised with Yokohama at the moment.

The B.O.M. discussed other technical regulation changes that are required to accommodate a smooth transition to the AD08R tyre for all competitor.

By majority, the B.O.M. approved the following measures:

·         Increase minimum weight by 15kg to account for the increased weight of a set of tyres

·         Reduce the ride height from 40mm to 35mm

·         Increase the overall width at the front and rear by the necessary amount to account for the extra tyre width of the tyre

Mark Mitchell

President – Formula Vee Association of Australia


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