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Formula Vee Control Tyre Selection Process

Below is the timeline of the actions that took place leading up to the selection of the Yokohama AD08R as the Formula Vee Control Tyre from 1st January 2017.

Tyre Tender overview


• In November 2015 the BOM gave the NTC a direction to investigate tyres going forward due to members complaints about costs and wear issues

• March 2016 NTC reported back on available race tyres, BOM directed them to include R spec tyres

• April 2016 President discussed Hoosier tyre with supplier who indicated that a contract roll on would be for probably two years and recent increase in speedway tyres (5%) may flow on to FVEE tyre

• May 2016 NTC reluctant to do the work requested. BOM members directed they undertake to do work required.

• May 2016 GiTi radial run on FVEE to ascertain if radials should be included in tyre test

• June 2016 Yokohama AD08R run on 2 x FVEE chassis at Mallala.

• July 2016 Yokohama tyre set run at Sandown in wet. Additionally, two slightly different compounds of GiTi run at Sandown in wet.

• During May, June and July, Kumho continued to say they were interested in participating but chose not to participate in August tyre test. Their radial is exact same size as the Yokohama AD08R

• July 2016 based on the radial trials and the information gained, tyre tender put in place with test day to include radials as acceptable.

• July 2016 Timeframe compressed after discussion with CAMS that any change of regulations for 2017 need to be advised by end September 2016

• Tender Documents sent to Hoosier, Kumho, Yokohama, GiTi and Dunlop with commercial responses due in early August and tyre test set for August 26 at Winton

• Kumho and Dunlop did not participate in the tender.

• Commercial offers received and tyre test undertaken in August as planned. Drivers at the test day were volunteers and represented the breadth of the FVEE fraternity – from National Champions (past and current) to mid pack runners and new guys with only a few race meetings under their belt. Covered both 1200 and 1600 chassis.

• End August 2016 tyre test information made available to the State Representatives (BOM & NTC) for discussion with their members. This was an overview report as well as a copy of each driver's feedback form, which was written by them as soon as they got out of their cars at the end of each session. Also a price range on each tyre was given to BoM members only as there were ongoing commercial negotiations.

• Each State was requested to arrange discussions with their members (either through emails, club information meetings away from the track or at the track over a race weekend)

• The information was clear, the fastest tyre was the current tyre at the current price (no price increase applied in the tender and a small discount given if no track support required), the most economical tyre was the Yokohama AD08R but this was slower by about 2 seconds per lap without any chassis changes. For perspective, on the test day the Hoosier set a new “lap record” two seconds under the official lap record at Winton – the first time that FVEE had been to Winton since the resurface.

• Additional issue to be aware of with the AD08R rear tyre was that its diameter was smaller than the current tyre and some chassis (Sabre 02 and some of the Jacers) would be adversely effected

• At September 2016 board meeting, using feedback form their State membership, the BOM voted on control tyre. 


•Our constitution:

- Gives one vote to each of the six state associations represented by their nominated Director

- Require a motion be carried by no fewer than 4 votes in the affirmative.

• Voting:


  • 1st motion – continue with the current control tyre

- Not carried by 4 against, 2 for.

  • 2nd motion – adopt the Yokohama AD50M as new control tyre

- Not carried 5 against, 1 for.

  • 3rd motion – adopt the GiTi medium compound as new control tyre

- Not carried 6 against

  • 4th motion – adopt the Yokohama AD08R as the new control tyre

- Carried 5 for, 1 against


  • A discussion was then undertaken to address other issues from this decision and the following was proposed and accepted with 5 votes for to one against.

-  The commencement date of the new tyre would be 1 Jan 17 for 1600cc cars and a grandfather clause allowed 1200cc cars to run either tyre until 1 Jan 2018

  - Ride height reduced form 40mm to 35 mm

-  Max weight increased by 15kg to account for heavier tyres (same as FFord)

- Max width increased to account for slightly wider tyres.

• FVEE advised all tyre tender participants and put out information to all competitors via National website and email sent to BOM members for distribution to their state members

The documents that are attached to this News Release were shared with the BoM and NTC prior to the decision being made to and are included so all members have the oppurtunity to read all of the documents that went into selecting the Yokohama AD08R as the new Formula Vee Control Tyre from the 1st January 2017.

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